Htein Lin sees himself as an artist, not a political activist. But while he regards art used in the service of politics as something that insults the value of both

Activities to date

Co-curator, “My Yangon My Home ” Yangon Art and Heritage Festival, a festival of community art projects to explore heritage, culture and art in Yangon (March 2015)

Life in Jungle

After leading the protests in Mezaligon during that period, Htein Lin joined many other activists and fled to the Indian border where he joined the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABDSF).

Htein Lin’s Biography

Htein Lin was born in 1966 in Mezaligon, a village north of Henzada in Burma’s northern Irrawaddy Delta, where his family owned a small sawmill.

Htein Lin's Portfolios

In the News

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is a solo exhibition featuring the works of the artist, activist and former political prisoner Htein Lin. The show is being curated by Nathalie Johnston and organized by the Goethe-Institut Myanmar.