Myanmar (Burma) Painter and Performance Artist

Self potrait

Htein Lin sees himself as an artist, not a political activist. But while he regards art used in the service of politics as something that insults the value of both

Behind bars

In 1998, he was arrested and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, charged on the basis of an intercepted letter from an erstwhile ‘comrade’ which listed names of those to be contacted to see if they were still interested in opposition activity.

Life in Jungle

After leading the protests in Mezaligon during that period, Htein Lin joined many other activists and fled to the Indian border where he joined the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABDSF).

Htein Lin’s Biography

Htein Lin was born in 1966 in Mezaligon, a village north of Henzada in Burma’s northern Irrawaddy Delta, where his family owned a small sawmill.

Htein Lin's Portfolios


Htein Lin Solo Show: Beyond the Itch

Htein Lin Solo Show: Beyond the Itch

On Wednesday evening Htein Lins' solo exhibition opened in River II. Guests were enthralled to watch Htein Lin create one his signature pieces, and then enthusiastically pitched in when he invited them to don the rubber gloves join him in the finger painting.
Returning to Burma, and Scratching That Itch

Returning to Burma, and Scratching That Itch

In his latest solo show at Rangoon’s River Gallery II, art fans will see the two major influences in Htein Lin’s life: Buddhism—in his “Last Days of Buddha,” an oversized acrylic-on-canvas painting that depicts the Lord Buddha being cremated, surrounded by his disciples.
Hands tell the history

Hands tell the history

During his stay in England, artist Htein Lin broke his arm and was in plaster for months. As a former political prisoner, it began to dawn on him that plaster is like a political prisoners, as it holds broken bones in place just as the political prisoners hold the system that was bankrupt in place.